A Life-Time of

Vision, Innovation and Collaboration



Recently *retired (Rewired), Mr. Birch is looking for a few projects to keep his vision sharp, his innovation fresh, his collaboration smooth, his critical thinking skills challenged, his problem solving productive and his life proactive. gary@garybirch.com

  1. Bullet    A new lighting and design company

  2. Bullet    All new lighting for the entire city of Cripple Creek CO

  3. Bullet    1st all LED restaurant in teller county

  4. Bullet    Introduced Ambient Sensing Solid State Light for Fine Art - 9-07

  5. Bullet    1st Completely wireless College Campus

  6. Bullet    1st “Laptop Art & Design College Campus”

  7. Bullet    1st digital video Rockwell

  8. Bullet    1st Interactive Library Kiosk

  9. Bullet    1st Interactive Training Kiosk for NASA

  10. Bullet    Introduced “Digital Media” for Motorola

  11. Bullet    Co-Founded OCMMA.org

  12. Bullet    1st “Macromind/Macromedia” 3rd party product

  13. Bullet    1st Solar Hot Water Monitoring

  14. Bullet    1st use of LED as personal adornment

  15. Bullet    1st use of LED in Clothing (Xanadu 1980)

  16. Bullet    1st Flexible circuit for body use

  17. Bullet    1st Turbine Dragster

  18. Bullet    Fisher body regional winner

Gary’s Quotes

“Must we be peripheral visionaries? The future is not straight ahead”

“Is Interactive Digital Media the next language”

“The harder the climb, the higher the mountain, the better the view”

* Dear Gary,


I received your email yesterday and I thank you for the thoughts contained in it.  I hope our friendship will continue for many years even though we are not sitting across from one another.  You have influenced me personally more than you will ever know and for this I will remain ever grateful.  Your approach to life and to students represents a turning point in my own thinking about how to interact with the world.  Your patient demystification of technology was extraordinarily significant in helping me grow and understand.


Beyond this and on an institutional level, I want you to be assured that your legacy at LCAD will continue to thrive.  How could it not?  You have touched so many people, faculty and students alike, that your continued influence is inevitable.  I promise you that the laptop program, while it is going to function in a slightly different way, will remain one of the cornerstones of our teaching environment.  How could it not?  The faculty that you have hired, especially Franklin, will take up your torch and will move the school toward the goals that you set up for the integration of technology in the teaching environment.  -Dr Hélène Garrison”

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